Ranganiketan, literally “House of Colorful Arts”, is a diverse group of about twenty dancers, musicians, singers, martial artists, choreographers and craft artisans. They are all highly accomplished members of Manipur’s artistic community. Some of them are gurus (teachers) in their own respective fields of art. All of them have performed both at home and abroad, receiving great acclaim and winning awards. While at home in Manipur, they are often invited to perform at various religious and cultural functions. They are not paid on a contractual basis, but are given generous donations that are offered to them with solemn respect for their artistic contributions. Art in Manipur is considered a regular part of daily life from childhood to old age. It is said that in Manipur everyone is born an artist.


Ranganiketan currently presents a 45 minute assembly length performance and a 1 1/2 hour full length performance. A custom tailored performance, master’s class, or residency, can be arrange according to your requirements.

Click here to view a 5 minute Flash presentation of some of Ranganiketan’s repertoire 

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